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The perfect startup team

Saul Klein had this great breakdown of the “perfect startup team” on quora. Couldn’t agree more:

"My view is the Platonic startup has a founding team of a developer, a designer and a distributor.
The perfect startup has all three founders: 

  • someone who understands how to build technologies and systems to solve problems;
  • someone who understands the human factors behind those problems, why they exist, what it takes to fix them and how to shape the experience;
  • someone who understands how to reach, talk to and sell to the people whose problems are being solved - and keep finding more of them

The ideal startup has two of the three founders, but all three skills are present between them. 

Very few people have all three skills, and even if they come close, they are rarely in perfect balance. In modern business Steve Jobs is probably the only person who even comes close, which arguably took him 25+ years….”

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